Welcome to TABO! - How it Started

Welcome to TABO! - How it Started

The idea for TABO has been in the works for a few years; it’s exciting to finally be at the point where it’s ready to share with the world.

As my daughter’s first birthday approached, it was time to end her tenancy in the master bedroom. I've always loved having a "project room" at home, so I was excited to put together a child's room. I didn’t have a specific theme in mind: I just wanted the room to be playful and cosy, a place that my daughter would regard as a sanctuary, which I also hoped would ease the transition from being a few feet away from her parents to all alone in a big room. I managed to source a variety of items that I thought would bring in just the vibe I was looking for, but there was one missing piece: the rug.

I had set aside a reasonably generous budget for it - I was willing to invest in a piece that would last a few years - but weeks of searching in Kampala hadn’t led me to “the one”. I even considered importing one. But nothing beats being able to see, touch and feel an item before buying it. I ended up delaying Baby’s move for a few more weeks until I eventually landed on an acceptable piece, though it didn’t fit entirely with what I had envisioned. I’d gone through a similar experience a few years earlier when completing the master bedroom in our home. To this day, I’m unsatisfied with the rug that I finally settled for.

Does that struggle sound familiar?

It was for this very personal reason that I chose rugs for our opening collection. Each of the rugs is individually selected from Turkey. They are modern, stylish and unique. There is variety in colour, size and pattern to choose from. For me, a large part of the joy in decorating is in the process of finding the perfect piece to blend or contrast or an accent to complete a space.

The picture above is of the rug I wish I’d been able to find for my daughter’s room at the time. It’s available in our inaugural rugs collection.

I truly hope that you find your “missing pieces” in this collection. And if not, stay tuned for more! This is only the beginning.

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