Rug Size Guide

A rug can transform a room. It  can add colour, coziness, playfulness, class or simply bring a room together. It can be a focal point, or even split an open-plan room.

Below are the standard rug sizes that we have available, with some guidance on how to best position them.

We strongly recommend that you measure your space and determine the carpet size you need before choosing a rug.

Rug size

Best for…

80 x 150cm Slightly bigger than a standard coffee table, this is a good choice for smaller spaces or as an accent rug.
120 x 170cm Approximately the same length as a two-seater sofa, this works well in smaller living rooms, or as a coffee table carpet in a mid-sized living room.
160 x 230cm This mid-sized rug/carpet fits well underneath a rectangular six-seater dining table or in a medium size living room with a two-seater.
200 x 300cm  A good choice for larger rooms, this size works well underneath three-seater sofa or a standard double bed.